Project Description

Product Code: URANUS 200W LED Linear Highbay | HBL-F200W

Key Features

  • 3D Heat dissipation and wind tunnel design
  • IP65, waterproof connectors for cable
  • High Lumen output (130lm/W)
  • Beam angle adjustable, screw lock mounting
  • Wide option of Lens available
  • Long life time, rated for over 55,000hrs
  • Quality Meanwell Driver
  • Compact Size

Product Description

URANUS LED Linear Highbay increase Visibility with Brighter, More Efficient Lighting

Better lighting can reduce eye-fatigue, improve visibility, and transform the appeal of a space, from warehouses to big-box stores.

Designed for easy mounting (hook, cable, or surface mount), these strong, lightweight, fully-assembled fixtures replace existing fluorescent or MH high-bays and provide superior uniformity for high visibility. The efficiency of Linear High Bays reduces energy consumption by 50% over existing fluorescent fixtures, increasing the return on your lighting investment. Moreover, these LED high bays are qualifying them for premium rebates. And with 0-10V dimming, our Linear High Bays can reduce energy costs even further. With a 55,000-hour rated life and 5-year warranty, our Linear High Bays significantly reduce your long-term operational and maintenance costs.


Lighting Performance

Colour TemperatureLumen OutputLEDCRIMinimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 6000K24000lmPHILIPS SMD3030>8055,000hrs

N.B Lumen values quoted on Cold White (6000K)

Input Data

Driver BrandPower Supply TypePower FactorInput Voltage
MeanwellConstant Current>0.9585-265 V AC

Operating Details

PowerAmbient Temperature Range
200W-40 to +50 °C

Physical Details

MaterialFinishIngress Protection
Aluminum + PCWhite,Silver,BlackIP65


LED ColoursOptics
Warm White, Neutral White, Cold White30°/60°/90°/60*120°/80*155°

Packing Details

Quantity Per CartonCarton SizeCarton Weight
1 pcs121 x 19 x 22 cm6 kg


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)


Available Colours




Installation Options

Control Options



Ingress Protection